Weight Loss Updates

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I’ll be updating this page with my weigh loss as I make progress. I have currently lost 62 pounds from my highest weight of 232 pounds. I started with a goal of losing 100 pounds, and I’m over half way there! Just ~ 40 more pounds to go!

My overall goal is to reach 132 pounds, as this puts me in the normal weight range for my height. Once I reach this goal, I’ll evaluate to see if I need to lose more.

Starting Weight: 232 pounds (105 kg)

I was at the highest weight of my life in March 2021. That’s when I really started trying to lose weight. I was absolutely disgusted with myself and had enough. By the time I made my first weight loss video, I had already lost 13.8 pounds.

It’s been about 20 months since I started trying to lose weight in earnest. During this time I’ve lost 62 pounds. Yes, I should have lost more. But remember, I had a five-month pregnancy, miscarriage, and several months of depression mixed into those 20 months.

I am happy with my progress considering everything I’ve been through!


Here is where I will be recording my weigh-ins, so I can keep track of my progress. I’ll also be making videos on my YouTube channel detailing my progress with my health, weight, PCOS, and hopefully my next pregnancy. And you can follow me on Instagram for updates, too.

There are some gaps in the weigh-ins because when I was pregnant and during my deep depression I was not weighing myself at all. But I’ve included all the information I have from March 2021.

03/01/2021232.8 lbs
06/28/2021219.0 lbs
09/27/2021208.0 lbs
10/05/2021206.0 lbs
10/12/2021202.8 lbs I went on keto.
11/25/2021198.0 lbsI quit keto after this week.
12/09/2021203.0 lbsGained weight.
9/11/2022193.2 lbsAlmost 2 months after miscarriage.
9/18/2022194.2 lbsStruggling, and gained weight.
9/24/2022189.4 lbsStarted carnivore.
10/1/2022186.6 lbs
10/08/2022185.4 lbs
10/15/2022185.6 lbsBroke down and ate junk last week. Regretted it.
10/22/2022183.4 lbsBack on track.
10/29/2022182.4 lbs
11/05/2022179.6 lbs
11/12/2022178.6 lbs
11/19/2022178.0 lbsAte too much cheese and some peanut butter last week.
11/26/2022176.8 lbs
12/04/2022172.0 lbs
12/11/2022172.6 lbsGained 0.6 lbs. Not sure why. Still on track.
12/18/2022172.0 lbsI’ve hit a plateau. Still on track.
01/01/2023170.4 lbsSwitching to monthly weigh-ins for 2023.

I’m sure you can see how much faster I’m losing weight since starting carnivore in September. The weight is falling off of me and it’s not been too difficult. I had a couple screw-ups, but I just got right back on the diet the very next meal.

I never let a screw-up lead to a binge or even a second bad meal. And eventually it just began to stick. Now here I am – 62 pounds down.

It kills me to know I could have easily lost all the weight by now if I started carnivore and stuck to it earlier. But as they say – the next best time to start is right now.

It’s amazing to me how easy this has been once I finally broke my sugar and junk food addiction. You can read more about my weight loss journey here.

Weight Loss Update Posts

In January 2023, I switched to monthly updates instead of weekly.