My Weight Loss Journey ~ From CICO to Carnivore

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My weight loss journey - cico to carnivore diet
219 lbs to 176 lbs. I don’t have any pictures of my highest weight of 232 lbs.

As of November 2022, I have lost 55 pounds from all my efforts – including calorie counting, keto, and carnivore. I have definitely seen the most improvement and fastest losses on carnivore.

I started with calorie counting and exercise, but my losses were slow. I became frustrated and moved to the keto diet, which improved my progress. But I still felt something was off. It wasn’t until I went full carnivore that my health really started to improve.

It all started with getting off sugar and controlling my cravings for carbs/sugar.

Breaking my Sugar Addiction

When I first started, I was simply counting calories and exercising. This was very difficult because I was incredibly addicted to sugar and junk food. My cravings were out of control, and I would often fail and binge before trying to out-exercise my terrible diet.

Because I have insulin-resistant PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), sugar is very dangerous for me. I knew I had to make a change in my diet to succeed. Even eating 1200 calories a day, I would still not lose weight – or lose very slowly – if I was eating inflammatory and insulin-spiking foods like sugar and grains.

So, I started the keto diet a month or so in. It went really well at first. I definitely dropped weight more quickly, my periods came back – although not regularly. But I was happy to see some progress. However, my cravings for sugar and junk were too much for me to bear and I eventually quit, telling myself I could eat healthy in “moderation.”

A year ago after starting the keto diet
Here I am a year ago after starting the keto diet – about five months before I got pregnant.

When I got pregnant in April 2022, I had already lost about 35 pounds from the earlier calorie counting and keto diet. But once morning sickness hit, all bets were off. I was eating terribly.

I was eating McDonald’s several times a week, lots of fruit, lots of grains and sugary crap. I had an aversion to meat – which I think was actually caused by the sugar I was eating. But I used it as an excuse to go wild and eat whatever I wanted.

Sadly, I lost my baby in July 2022 at 20 weeks. It wasn’t caused by my shitty diet (that I’m aware of), but an incompetent cervix that caused premature labor. After I was over the initial depression, I vowed that I would finally lose this weight no matter what.

I am dedicated to regaining my health so I can minimize risk in my future pregnancy and not die young of preventable disease. I know I have to get my insulin resistance under control, reverse my fatty liver, lose the weight, and become the healthiest version of myself I can be.

But the only way I can ever accomplish my goals is to break my sugar/junk food addiction once and for all. So, I did.

The Carnivore Diet

I started the carnivore diet in September 2022. It was HARD at first – one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I did not give up! That’s what made the difference.

For the first week, I would last a day or two at most. Then I would break down, give in to my cravings, and eat fast food. But I would never let it last for more than a single meal. The next time I ate, I would make sure it was a carnivore meal.

That probably meant I took longer to fully adapt, but somehow it worked for me. After a few weeks, the binges stopped and I found myself not even wanting junk food anymore. All I wanted to eat was meat, butter, and eggs.

My favorite meal on the carnivore diet - steak
My favorite meal on the carnivore diet – steak (with plenty of butter).

After a few more weeks of that, I realized that I had done it. I had completely broken my addiction to shitty food.

Now, junk doesn’t even tempt me – at all. I spent Thanksgiving seated at a table filled with desserts and didn’t even consider eating them. Sweet things are no longer appealing, and I just want my steak with butter when I feel hungry.

It’s amazing how your appetite really does change once you’ve stopped eating sugar and processed foods for a while.

I know I will never go back. I don’t want to go through the adaptation phase again – because it’s HARD. But most of all, I never want to feel out of control around food again.

Finding my True Self

I finally feel like myself again – even though I still have more weight to lose. My life no longer revolves around food. I barely think of it until I’m truly hungry, around once a day. Then I just cook a steak or a roast or some chicken wings. It’s so easy and has freed up so much of my time.

Me after losing a huge chunk of weight.
This is me about a month ago after a significant loss. I’ve lost more since this picture!

I used to constantly think about food, like an addict waiting for my next fix. I’d be planning what I would eat next (and when) before I even finished my current meal.

But that’s all gone, and so is all the shame, depression, and anxiety that goes with it. I don’t feel out of control anymore.

Now I can finally find my true self and learn to be happy for the first time in years. Being free of this addiction has changed me. Now that I’ve conquered this, I can actually start to make progress in other areas of my life.

I know I’ll lose the rest of the weight. I know that my health will continue to improve and I’ll have the baby I want so much. I no longer have to fight for my life every single day. I now have the freedom and strength I need to reach my goals.

Goals for the Future

As of today, I have 45 more pounds to lose to get down to a no-longer-overweight BMI. I may want to lose more once I get there, but I’ll wait and see what my body looks and feels like. I fully expect that skin removal surgery is in my future.

That’s the price I have to pay for the damage I did to my body, and I will gladly pay it.

I know I still have years of healing in my future, especially if I’m going to have a baby. That will set me back about a year. But again, I’m okay with that. I’m patient and I know I will get there in less time than I spent being fat.

I’ll continue on the carnivore diet for the rest of my life. I’m incorporating fasting into my routine, and hopefully autophagy can help with some of my loose skin. I’m also taking collagen and dry brushing, but I know that this most likely won’t be enough.

I will update my weight loss updates page with my progress in the future, and you can also check out my weekly update posts. It’s only a matter of time before I reach my ultimate goals.

12 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey ~ From CICO to Carnivore”

  1. You look incredible Cindy! I’ve been following your journey since the beginning and the progress you have made is amazing. I can’t wait to see more updates! Sending you so much love and positivity!

  2. Hi Cindy, I’m so glad you’re back and doing well!!! You look absolutely amazing and I’m so proud of all the progress you’ve made! ❤️

    I’m 20 and I weigh 175, the largest I’ve ever been. I can’t control myself around food and I always end up binging whether I’m sad or bored. I just would want to feel something and food was my escape. I’m tired of the shame and guilt. When you first started your diet, how would you resist the temptation to binge? Any tips?
    I’m really excited for more posts!

    • Hi McKenna. I know exactly how you feel! I was OUT OF CONTROL around food and it ruled my entire life. When I first started, it was hard. But honestly, I gave in multiple times. I would start eating carnivore, then get a day or two in. Then I would break down and have McDonald’s – which was my big addiction. I didn’t resist the temptation very well. BUT…I never let it go past a single meal. I would have that fast food meal, feel like garbage, and vow to get right back on carnivore the next meal. This went on for a few weeks until one day, I just didn’t crave the junk anymore. My advice is expect that you might fail at first, but don’t let it turn into a week or month or years-long binge. Stop after that one meal and get right back on the horse. If you keep doing this, it gets easier and eventually you will not want to binge anymore. You can do it!! Don’t expect to be perfect overnight.

  3. I am so happy for you! I weigh around what your starting weight was. I’ve yo yo dieted and lost weight but would gain it right back. I am interested in the carnivore diet but it’s slightly scary lol and honestly, cost prohibitive for me. I’m really looking into paleo now but who knows. I struggle with PCOs too so I hope I can get mine under control🤞 Can’t wait to see your recipes!

    • I know exactly what you mean! It was scary and intimidating for me, but I started with keto so I was a bit more prepared for it. As for cost, I won’t lie. It’s not as cheap as eating carbs. BUT…it’s not as expensive as you think. I only eat once a day, so I need FAR less food. You can totally eat a few burger patties and butter once a day (once you’re used to it) and you’ll feel great. Hamburger, eggs, butter, maybe some hard cheese or sardines. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I would LOVE to eat steak every single day, but I have to settle for a couple times a week to stay in budget. 🙂

  4. Hey Cindy!! I’m also on my weight loss journey. I just want to ask for some advice, since you have started the carnivore diet, did you also do some any extra exercises? Like working out or extra cardio? I would love to know what you do on a daily basis to lose weight, cardio wise. (like going for a walk/how long) because I’m really trying hard to lose weight. I want to motivate myself to be more active, I’m already trying to get my diet under control but I tend to be very lazy lol!!

    • I do NO extra exercise besides my normal day-to-day activities. Just cleaning the house and working, that’s it. I do sometimes go for walks, but only for enjoyment – not for cardio purposes. (I’ve also found I enjoy walking more now that I have more energy.) I personally believe that extra exercise isn’t necessary to lose weight. If you eat the right foods, your body will adjust to the correct weight for you without any additional exertion. That being said, I do plan to lift weights eventually to help with toning my muscles. I think weightlifting is a lot more beneficial than doing excessive cardio just for the sake of it.

  5. I’m so happy for you that you are doing so well! I think this would be really hard for me because I was a vegetarian most of my childhood, but once I did add some meat back in, my body did start to feel better than I did when I was completely meat and dairy free.(Everyone is so different, but I don’t think I would be fully vegetarian ever again) Now (still dairy free)I eat mostly veggies, fruits, seeds,and some meat, but have definitely noticed a sugar addiction when it comes to my coffee and (oh my gosh!!) bread.So thank you so much for sharing your advice, I’m going to try and implement some of it to try and stop the sugar and carbs.It is such a terrible feeling to have the cravings and I really think I can feel the inflamation, like I notice the difference from when I was younger and didn’t eat sugar. I never knew it was possible to just be a carnivore, it’s really interesting and I’m so glad that it has helped your body heal and works for you.

    • Hi Elle! I know exactly what you mean. I was vegetarian for 12 years from the ages of 12 – 24. It was hard for me to accept that I need to eat meat – and even more so that I thrive on meat alone. But no matter what diet anyone does, I think getting off sugar is probably the most beneficial thing you can do. The cravings make you feel so out of control. I truly felt like a drug addict who could not stop, just completely out of control. I wish you the best of luck breaking your sugar addiction. If I can do it, anyone can!

  6. Hi Cindy!
    I’m so glad you are starting to feel better and very happy that your effort on your diet is paying off and you feel like blogging/vlogging again! You and Andrew have been in my thoughts for the past few months and you should be so proud of how far you have come. Wish you all the best luck with everything! 💕
    The carnivore diet is quite interesting and now I’m tempted to try it myself. 😄 Your results are amazing and your hair looks good. Btw, I have never seen anyone with such nice eyebrows and lashes 😂 I struggle with binge eating and being quite addicted to sugar. Definitely want to kick that habit before it becomes an issue. Maybe I’ll try eating more meat-based meals instead of carbs.
    Wishing you all the best and look forward to your future vlogs (on your own pace ofc)! Lots of love from Finland!

    • Thank you Emma! Breaking the sugar addiction is so hard. I quit smoking about a decade ago and that was easier than sugar. But once you do, it’s an amazing feeling of freedom. Good luck to you!


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