Weight Loss Update January 2023 (Carnivore Diet Progress)

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I finally took some pictures, and you can really tell a difference. I’m down 62.4 pounds (28.3 kg) so far from my highest weight of 232.8 pounds (105.6 kg). My weight as of January 1 was 170.4 (77.3kg).

I lost 1.6 pounds since my last weigh-in two weeks ago. That includes Christmas week, so I’m quite happy I had a loss at all. I went kind of crazy on the cream cheese and low-carb pumpkin cheesecake over the holidays.

NOTE: You can see a recap of my weigh-ins from the beginning until now on this page. I was updating weekly, but will start updating it monthly. You can also view my weigh-in video on YouTube.

I also came to realize that I can’t tolerate something that was in that cheesecake – either the pumpkin, pecans, or the great value stevia with maltodextrin. My carb cravings came back for days after eating it, and I had to fight through them all over again.

I’m back on track now. Cravings are gone and I’m still going strong on the carnivore diet. I’ve decided to start weighing myself monthly instead of weekly, so I don’t get discouraged. The longer you can go between weigh-ins the better (in my opinion).

What I Did Differently This Week

Besides the holiday cheese bender, I really didn’t make any huge changes over the past two weeks. I swear every week I’m going to give up dairy, and I never do.

This week was no different.

I’m almost exclusively beef and eggs. I’ve lost my taste for chicken and pork, besides bacon occasionally. I’m gonna try adding fish next week, but I’m not sure I’ll like it.

I’m still eating half and half in my coffee, butter on my meat, and the occasional cheese on the side. Oh, I also started up my dried liver supplements again – as well as continuing with my magnesium, vitamin D, and folate (since I’m trying to get pregnant).

Improvements This Week

My clothes are still fitting better and even the size 14 jeans are starting to feel a little loose. I’m down to a size large shirt (regular large NOT extra large) and size large leggings. I used to be a 2x!

Tomorrow I’m going to the thrift store to try to find a few pairs of jeans and sweaters to get me through until I go down another size. I don’t want to pay a fortune for a new wardrobe I’m only going to wear for a few weeks (or months at most).

I noticed a new crop of hair growing in on the top of my head. The hairs are very small and thin, but they’re sticking straight up and they’re definitely new. I’ve been using rosemary essential oil on my hair, but it’s too soon to make any difference. This has to be due to the carnivore diet.

My cycle is still regular. My period was three days late this month, but that’s better than the three to six months late it used to be. I’m having 35 day cycles (38 days this month), and they’ve been this way for FOUR months.

I haven’t been this regular in over a decade.

I’m still not pregnant, but I do believe I’m ovulating. So, we have hope at least. This cycle I’m going to test my progesterone to confirm ovulation. I ordered some progesterone tests from Proov that should give us a better picture of what’s going on. The more information we have, the better.

Challenges This Week

Eating the low-carb cheesecake and dealing with cravings again was definitely my biggest challenge. But I made it through that and I’m on the otherside.

The only other challenge I’ve had is dealing with not being pregnant another month, but that’s not really related to the carnivore diet.

Goals for Next Month

As I’m only going to be weighing myself once a month, I’m only going to be making update posts once a month. My goals to achieve between now and February 1st are:

  • Test my blood sugar to find out if dairy is a problem
  • Lose 6 pounds (1.5 pounds per week)
  • Try to eat some damn fish

I’m planning to experiment on myself this month. I’ll be testing my blood sugar to get a baseline, and then to see how dairy impacts my levels. I’m starting with cream and butter, then I’ll test cheese, and then I might even try out yogurt and milk.

I need to know for sure if dairy is a problem food for me. The only way to really know is to cut it out completely and see if I improve OR check my blood sugar to see if it spikes. I’d rather just check my blood sugar rather than cutting it out if I don’t have to.

I’m also going to try and eat fish once or twice a week. I bought some salmon, but I had it delivered and it was already expired when it got here. I had to return it. Next week, I plan to buy some fresh and maybe grill it?

I don’t usually like fish, but I’m still going to try. My tastes have changed so much since I quit sugar and junk that I might actually enjoy it. If I don’t like cooked salmon, I’ll try canned salmon or mackerel.

If I can’t stomach any of it, there’s always fish oil!

I guess that’s all I have for my weight loss update this month. See you back in February. Wish me luck!

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  1. Is it a danger to become sick of Gout if you follow a carnivore diet? Gout is an inflammatory problem caused by too much Urate in your body fron the meat.

  2. Hello Beautiful Cindy🌹 I hope you are doing ok? You are missed on YouTube! You have an awesome community that loves and care for you. I am one of them! I pray for God’s peace and comfort to fill your Precious body no matter where you are in your life ❤ Praying also the same for Andrew, no matter where he is in his life right now as well. I have been extremely encouraged by your accomplishments you have done on your own ❤ self Therapy 🤚 Group Therapy🤚a new car 🤚 grilling 🤚 going shopping and errands 🤚 and most importantly, staying Carnivore while going through your sufferings 🤚💪 You Go Girl! Keep taking care of You Cindy ❤
    I love you and hope to see you back soon, I really miss seeing how your doing.
    Grace, Peace, Prayers, Big Tight HugS, much LoVe!
    ~Kaye ✌

  3. Hi Cindy, I hope you are ok. Your Youtube channel and your Instagram have had all the content removed.
    A lot of people are getting worried and I can’t even find your Patreon.
    Aussie Mummy

  4. Hi Cindy. I know you recently decided to leave youtube again I just wanted to say I miss you! You’re a big inspiration to me and I hope you’re safe and doing well. Please take care of yourself xxx You deserve all the love! Much love from California <3


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