House Blessing Spell to Cleanse Negative Energy

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This is a simple, effective house blessing spell you can use to cleanse your living space of negative and stagnant energy. It also protects your home and the residents within from harm. Clean and bless a single room at a time, if necessary. Repeat the blessing monthly.

PS. You can see me perform this spell in this video on my YouTube channel.


  • Frankincense incense
  • Dark blue candle
  • Spray bottle filled with salt water
  • White offering candle
  • Small plate and offering of food


  1. Clear clutter from the room and clean the space as best you can.
  2. Smudge each room with the frankincense incense. Ask the smoke to render each piece of energy it touches clean and healthy. Visualize the element of air cleansing the space.
  3. Light the dark blue candle and walk to every corner of your home, asking the fire to seal and protect your home from harm of any kind. Visualize the element of fire protecting the space.
  4. Place the dark blue candle on your stovetop or hearth and allow it to burn all the way down.
  5. Use the spray bottle to spritz every corner, door, and window in your home, calling on the powers of earth and water to prevent anyone with bad intentions from entering and allowing those with good intentions to enter easily. Visualize the elements of earth and water warding the space.
  6. Light the offering candle on your stovetop or hearth, somewhere near the dark blue candle. Lay out an offering of food or drink, and say a prayer to the God and Goddess. Ask for their protection and thank them for removing any negative energies from your home.


If you don’t have frankincense incense, you can substitute sage, myrrh, or any other purifying incense instead.

Traditional offerings for this type of spell include bread, cake, seeds, nuts, etc. You can also use spring water, milk, wine, or anything else you have on hand.

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