Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive from viewers and readers on social media.

Q. Are you returning to your Sims channel?

No. I have no plans to make gaming content right now. I am not interested in gaming or The Sims at this time in my life. I know you loved Pleasant Sims, and I truly appreciate that. But I am not that person anymore. I’d like to move forward on my new path. Thank you for understanding.

Q. Will you keep uploading to your Wicca channel?

Yes, but there’s been a change of plans. I’m going to rebrand the channel as a green/kitchen/hearth witchery channel and start posting there again. Stay tuned for updates!

Lately, I’ve been drawn much more toward green witchery – and feeling that traditional Wicca might be too restrictive for my personal practice. It has been a fantastic education for me over the years, but I’m feeling the desire to spread my wings and follow a less formal path – or at least a path that feels more meaningful to me.

I’m a huge fan of author and green witch Arin Murphy-Hiscock, who showed me there are other ways to practice witchcraft outside the formal Wiccan religion.

Q. Where do you get all the varieties of incense for “incense of the day”?

Etsy! Specifically a shop called GiasTraditions. I buy my Sabbat incense from SacredMists and I also recommend AlchemyFlame for hard-to-find incense varieties.

Q. How do you know the incense of the day and color of the day?

I get my information from Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac. It includes the color, incense, and moon phase info for each day. I also use Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook. It lists the color and moon phase, but does not include incense of the day.

Q. What is the herbalism course you’re taking?

I’m taking the Science & Art of Herbalism by Rosemary Gladstar – who I consider my mentor and one of the greatest American herbalists to have ever lived. She is a beautiful human being with a wealth of knowledge. Her course is considered the best home-study course in herbalism available. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning herbalism at your own pace from a master of the craft.

Q. What app do you use to track your fasting?

When I track fasting, I use an app called Zero. It’s available for both apple and android. There is a paid pro version, but I just use the free one.

Q. Aren’t you going to die from lack of fiber and vitamins on the carnivore diet?

I believe you can get all the nutrients you need from animal foods. Fiber is not an essential nutrient. And when eating only animal products, your nutrient requirements are much different from someone eating a carb-heavy diet. Some people may need to supplement electrolytes for a few weeks to months until their body adjusts, but I don’t believe that is necessary forever.

That being said, I do not recommend anyone else go as extreme as the carnivore diet. I eat this way due to severe insulin resistance that makes it difficult for me to eat ANY amount of carbohydrate. That doesn’t mean it’s the best diet for everyone or healthy for everyone. My husband eats a more balanced Paleo-style diet that includes fruits and vegetables (and so will our children if we have any).

I may not eat this way forever, either. But right now it’s helping me lose weight, normalizing my menstrual cycle, improving hair growth and other PCOS symptoms, and making me feel better than I have in decades.

Q. How can I support you and the channel/blog?

You can buy me a coffee (donation of $2 or more), purchase a book from my Bookshop Store for yourself, buy me a book from my Bookshop wish list, or simply watch my videos and read my blog. That’s really the best way you can support me. Thank you!